Christian Education

We believe it is important to not only gather to worship God together but also to learn about God and each other.  We do this through our Christian Education time.   

Regular Sunday School will meet from 9:30 for adults and 9:45-10:15 for kids of all ages during the summer months.  


Kids/teens Opportunities

Saturday July 28, 1-4 a Swim Party Hosted by Barb C and family.  Details can be found at the church.

Sunday Aug 5, Movie on the church lawn for teens and college age students.

Saturday Aug 11, One Day VBS

Adult Small Groups

 Monday night at 7 PM at a church member's home.  Call the church office for more information.

Bible study meets at the church Wednesday Evenings at 6:30.  We are studying the book of Isaiah.

If you would like any information about a midweek group, please call the church office for details.  724-376-2630.

Joining the church

If you are interested in joining the church, please email Pastor Beth at




Continuing Education Opportunities:  
Free and open to the public, New Wilmington Mission Conference will host a myriad of speakers and worship opportunities this month.  Beginning Friday July 20 and ending on Thursday night July 26th, you can come and go attending the whole week or a few programs here and there.
8:45-9:45 Worship and Bible Hour
10-10:45 Mission Hour
11-12 Morning meeting with all ages joining together to worship.
6:45-7:30- Evening Vespers service with a different mission speaker every night
7:45-9 Evening Meeting- worship with different speakers and leaders- all ages join together for this service.
For more information- or for carpooling information, contact the church office.